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Common Question and Answers

Question 1: How do I use the product?

Answer:  You need to add the product into the slaking water supply prior to the slaking equipment .

Question 2:  Do I need any special feed equipment?

Answer:  No.  Special equipment is not necessary. Applied Specialties will assist in setting up the proper feed equipment and locating the best point of addition. You will not need any proprietary equipment or controls.

Question 3:  What is the use rate of the product?

Answer:  The product is fed at the rate of 14pounds of LimeCure™ 50 equivalent per ton of pebble lime (CaO).

Question 4:   Will this dosage vary?

Answer:  No. The reaction of the polymer is in proportion to the Calcium hydroxide formed which is a direct function of the pebble lime used.

Question 5:  How fast does it work and What can I expect from using the product?

Answer:  The product works immediately. Results are seen as old slurry is purged and new treated slurry is made. The time for this conversion is determined by existing inventory and makeup rate of new slurry. Nearly every client sees a reduction in lime use where their process has a contact time function. This would be Spray Dry Absorbers and fast reacting lime softening applications.   All applications see a large reduction is scaling and fouling with the slaking and slurry transport systems.

Question 6:  I understand the product will pay for itself. Is this correct or marketing?

Answer:  The product will pay for itself in 3 ways. It typically reduces lime use such that the common lime savings are up to three times the cost of the product. The second savings is from the reduction in maintenance costs. This would include manpower and equipment wear and tear. The third savings comes from safety benefits. With reduced maintenance, personal contact with hot lime slurry or the need to be handling hazardous cleaning chemicals is significantly reduced or eliminated.


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