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August 11, 2017

LimeCure 40 Success

ASI’s LimeCure 40 lime slurry treatment has added yet another level of performance. In a recent trial, LimeCure 40 was used in a Western Coal Fired Power plant in an attempt to increase the lime slurry solids beyond historic 15%, look to decrease lime consumption and reduce associated maintenance costs. Success in increasing the slurry solids content meant the plant could use more wastewater in the scrubber as dilution/cooling water.

The trial was demonstrated to be successful on both levels. The plant has reduced lime use significantly while improving gas scrubbing. The plant was also able to decrease fresh water use and replace it with wastewater. This has had a significant reduction in wastewater flow to their evaporation ponds. The trial was so successful that a sister unit has been converted to using the LimeCure 40 in its slaker.

This experiment demonstrates that by only using LimeCure, it is possible that an existing coal fired power plant could reduce its wastewater inventory, decrease its lime expenditure, reduce maintenance and improve it emissions controls

The plant is now installing permanent feed and storage equipment since the use has moved from trial to permanent application.

For more detailed information on how UltraLime might reduce your lime slurry costs, contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at 440-933-9442 or email with “UltraLime Information” in the subject line.


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